Wilmington Greens Local Monthly Meeting: Jun 4, Bike Lane Cafe, 4PM

 forgot to add the information for the meeting itself: June 4th at 4PM at the Bike Lane Cafe. We set up a conference call number should anyone be not able to make it (email for number). Thanks!

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The Wilmington Local Agenda for June is as follows:

1. YahNe Ndgo Event: We have decided that the official date of the event will be August 19, 2017. Erika and I have been working to get input from community centers and other neighborhood spaces for a venue. I have reached out to the Latin American Community Center and left a message Thursday for the owner of the community center as to our renting their space for an event ( I was supposed to get a call back on Friday and did not, but will call again Monday). I am not sure whether they will allow us to rent out the space, but if they do, the fee would be based upon a donation of goods to their center for the community, and would be most likely not too costly depending upon our donation. Erika has reached out to the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, and their fee is $150/hour and $25 for the person that would set up and clean up the space for us. They have availability throughout the month of August. We would request money from the CC should we choose this venue. I also reached out to the Wilmington Friends Meeting House and filled out an application but they have a group that comes every Saturday and so would not be able to host our event. Erika and I will continue to work towards a venue by filling out applications at Kingswood, Hicks and Edgemoor Community Centers this week BUT would greatly appreciate any help that anyone could provide with getting us a venue or coming up with suggestions... We are open to the 3rd Place or Bike Lane Cafe as well. We are also considering having her speak at the Better Block Wilmington Event on Union Street as a kind of "Green without saying Green" scenario (i.e. we have on Wilmington Local Greens shirts but not announce it as a specifically Green event), but that would be most likely last choice. The venue is of the utmost importance if we are going to have good promotion of this event.

2. Voter Registration Table at Cool Springs Farmers' Market: At the last meeting, Sarah, the organizer of the Farmers' Market, said that we could have a table once a month. It would be really neat to have pamphlets and other information available as well as maybe buttons or something along those lines to hand out. We need to decide who would be in charge of doing the table, or if it would be rotational.

3. Potential Monthly Clean-Up in Hilltop Area (3rd & Harrison and vicinity): As we have cleaned in this neighborhood for both the Earth Day Cleanup and the Wilmington Cleanup Day events, we can establish a rapport and a presence with the residents there. We noticed that the last time that we cleaned up in the area, the people living there were much more receptive to our presence and even came to speak with us and be friendly. We could have a monthly cleanup there to further establish a relationship with that neighborhood and with those people. It is also a very heavily Latinx and Black neighborhood which would be great for our diversity. 

4. School Supplies Drive for YahNe Ndgo Event: We are looking to have boxes out by the middle of next month in order to have a lot of school supplies to donate to the youth and families who attend the event. We need to come up with locations as to where to have boxes (we probably shouldn't overextend the generous hospitality of Karen Igou with our previous two drives at her store, so anywhere besides the DE Local Food Exchange). We will also need to establish who will be responsible for maintaining the drive throughout the month of July as Erika and I will not be able to do much with the drive during that month due to prior obligations.

5. Long Term Project - Vacant Property for Community Veggie Garden and Free Meals for Homeless: Erika spoke to me about potentially seeing how we could go about purchasing a vacant property where one side of the lot would be a community garden space, and the other would be a stand of some sort with outdoor seating providing free meals to the homeless - either dishes made from the raw vegetables or grilled vegetable dishes all using the produce from the garden. Input/discussion needed. 

If there are any other agenda items that you would like to discuss or anything you would like to do, please feel free to add on. Thanks everyone!


Only for those who can't make it physically to attend.


Wilmington Greens Meeting!


June 4,2017

time: 4pm -5:45pm


Participant Instructions
  1. Call your dial-in number: (605) 472-5223
  2. Enter the access code: 132142.

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