Wilmington Greens *Brown, Black & Green* Community Event!


grassroots initiative

The Wilmington Greens are putting together an awesome event for the Wilmington community in August called "Brown, Black & Green"! We would like to bring together all of the neighborhoods, cultures and communities of Wilmington and BE the CHANGE that we want to see in our city.

We are going to have some great speakers, such as YahNé Ndgo, a passionate Green activist who has always been for the people! We need your help to make this amazing community event a reality.

We are operated by the PEOPLE and only accept money from the PEOPLE, so every dollar helps!

Donations will go towards venue costs, speakers' fees, and towards the purchase of school supplies to hand out at this family event. Help us create a better, brighter Wilmington!


Wilmington Green Party logo

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