About Us

Welcome to the Wilmington Local of the Delaware Green Party, Delaware's state party affiliate of the United States Green Party (GPUS).

The Green Party is an independent political party that is connected to American social movements, and is part of a global Green movement that shares key values, including our Four Pillars: Peace and Non-Violence, Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, and Social Justice, and our Ten Key Values.

Currently we have more than 100 elected officials around the country, mostly at the municipal level, working to enact Green policies. We run many candidates who put Green issues on the table in elections at every level.

We don’t take corporate money. We are working to build clean government that works for all of us – not just the 1%. We are fighting for the future.

Our political system features numerous anti-democratic policies that are specifically designed to prevent the most oppressed sectors of our society from participating in the electoral process. Students and young people, African-Americans, poor people, and the elderly all face tremendous barriers, such as voter ID laws, disenfranchisement of ex-offenders, and restrictive residency requirements, among others. All Americans are affected to some degree by these policies, and our entire society suffers as a result.

Although political change is never easy to achieve, the fact that most election law is made at the state and local level is an opportunity. Organizers can develop and promote solutions locally that are much harder to achieve on a Federal level.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to influence the governmental decisions that affect them. But the defining characteristics of modern politics in the United States are a corrupt campaign finance system that enables corporate and wealthy elites to purchase political outcomes; and an abundance of anti-democratic electoral, ballot access and debate rules designed to minimize participation and choice.

The failure to fulfill the promise of democracy leaves millions of people in our country too discouraged to vote, and others who chose to vote seemingly trapped among false and limited choices. A system that promotes full and fair representation would draw millions of people in the United States into civic life and could revive democracy in this country. - from the Green Party platform


Let’s make things really simple: in a truly sustainable world, waste is food.

It means that, after use, materials are re-used at an equal or higher level in the production cycle. This requires careful thought at the design stage and in the choice of materials used. It also requires discipline at the end of life to ensure that materials are easily recovered in a reusable form. The end result is a virtuous cycle, more like nature than the earth-plundering, environment-polluting mechanisms of our recent industrial age.

Some would say that we’re beyond the point of no return. It’s already too late, we’re hooked on a consumer lifestyle and globalization has ensured its future spread to the massive populations of developing countries.

If these people are childless or don’t care about their grandchildren, then who’s to say they’re wrong? They will continue to plunder and to hell with the consequences. But they’re probably a tiny minority.

The rest of us can see the sense of doing what we can to slow, possibly halt, maybe even reverse our negative impact on our world.

Sustainability and cooperation are overshadowed by economic orthodoxy

While initiatives in sustainability and co-operation remain voluntary, the socially responsible and virtuous will be at a huge competitive disadvantage against the exploitative and dishonest. Some tightening and active application of corporate law will be essential for their support. But that will require a government that is prepared to take bold action, rather than just engage in sweet talk and sound bites, while adopting a permissive approach to all sorts of financial abuse.

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